Sacred Heart Girls' High School

The Society of the Good Shepherd Sisters was founded in France in 1835 by St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier. She was born Rose Virginie Pelletier, on 31st July, 1796 in France. As a child, she was full of life and fun, mischievous and lively. Her first lessons on compassion came from her benevolent mother, who practised the Gospel precept of charity and love for one’s neighbor. During her study in a boarding school in Tours, she endured much sorrow on being separated from her home and mother. At this bleak period, her teacher was her chief consolation.

This was the most defining period in her life. She owed much of her later development to the formative influence of this relationship which taught her what acceptance, empathy and kindness could do to restore hope. She also learnt that education was the key to self- awareness and independence. The appalling conditions of the French Revolution brought in its wake, the need to cater to the many destitute women and children. It served as a strong indicator of her true calling in life.

It was the vision of a meek, kind, compassionate woman of God to bring hope to the under-privileged, abandoned and the deserted lot. It was her calling to seek the discarded and troubled and rehabilitate them into society.

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Sandra Oberoi Musician • Motivational Speaker

"Old school." No pun intended! This place meant a lot to me right from nursery until grade 5. The cold stone walls were surprisingly welcoming each morning, the wooden benches were unusually comfortable, the big playground was deceptively inviting and best of all-my time with friends! That was something I looked forward to. I had a quick meeting at this school a while ago and went down memory lane. Much has changed since I last set foot here, but the charm of my first school remains. Glad to have spent some of my formative years in this place with exceptional teachers and simple pleasures, that brought me so much joy and taught me valuable lessons.

Sabrina Maria H Soft Skills Coach at HP

Sacred Heart Girls' High School will always be my favorite place in the whole wide world. As a girl who was always effervescent and loquacious, my school only encouraged me to everything I am, unapologetically. I still remember, I was in the 9th grade and there was a parent-teacher meeting, my class teacher told my mum that I was a very talkative girl and no matter where she made me sit in class, I always had a friend to talk. Right then, my mum started scolding at me. My class teacher who observes this, said to my mum, "That wasn't a complain, it's an appreciation... She's a very exuberant yet an empathetic child and everyone should be able to learn that from her". If today, I'm able to train and coach corporate officials on how to manuever through their work as well as personal lives, all this while being their true selves, it's only because of my alma mater which laid my sturdy foundation so that I can do the same for others.

Divya Elizabeth Joseph Snr. Business Analyst with Caterpillar

I can truly say that Sacred Heart Girls' High School moulded me into the woman I am today! It's been 13 years now since I passed out from the school but I still hold every memory that I made there very close to my heart! All beautiful memories thanks to my wonderful teachers, my batch mates, and my dear friends😊 In fact even today my closest friends are my school friends, because the bonds we made in school are so strong that they will never break no matter how many years go by! And of course I'm ever grateful to each and every one of my teachers who nurtured me, guided me and helped me become a strong, confident, independent woman and above all a good human being. Whatever I am today and whatever I have achieved in life till now is only because of the excellent foundation that SHGHS built in me😊 After all I've always tried to live the school motto "Do Well All That You Do" in every walkway of my life!

Priyanka Rai Global Policy Director

My education and experience studying at Sacred Heart has been foundational to the person I am today. Some of the best teachers I've encountered in my entire academic experience were at Sacred Hearts, and they planted in me a life long love of learning. The passion and commitment for social justice that is such a core value for the school has remained with me throughout my life and fuelled my own career in the not for profit sector. I cannot recommend a better philosophy than 'age quad agis' to this day.

Dr Monisha Madhumita Dermatologist

My favourite memories of school are from high school, where I learned leadership experience from being selected to be the chief election commissioner in our class mock elections (in Ms Jiji’s class) to understand our civic rights better to being the captain of St Teresa’s House and working with my housemates and leading them to victory. The confidence and organizational skills it instilled in me has helped me to date, in being a doctor, researcher and entrepreneur. Our school motto of “Do well all that you” is my guiding light.

Suzanna Thomas B.Com graduate, CA Final student

Sacred Hearts is a place that has given me tremendous memories. Annual days where we sang, danced, did theatre, etc. Sports days which was always the highlight of every year. Inter house competitions, the unity among students to win those competitions, the falling and getting back up during races, high school aerobics and so much more. Science experiments performed by me where I was never was good at it, but still enjoyed taking part in. And what can I tell about our wonderful teachers. The quality of teaching was so good, that my basics in certain subjects are still strong today because of those teachers. The interest and efforts they put in students is what gave me the base of who I am today! I am always grateful for being part of Sacred Hearts Girls'High School ☺️

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