Final Exam Portion (Art and SUPW) I-IV


Final Exam Portion (Art and SUPW) Std I-IV                           

Date – 13th January 2023

Std. I: ART- Draw your favourite Pet Animal.

SUPW- Make any two Paper Origami.

Std II: ART- Draw a beautiful Light House Scenery.

SUPW- Make a Doll using Sponge.

Std III: ART- Draw Underwater Scenery.

SUPW- Make anything using Plastic Water Bottles.

Std IV: ART- Doodle Art Scenery.

SUPW- Do Flower Pot Painting.

Note: SUPW– All the materials required for the exam to be brought by the students. SUPW work to be done in the school only.

ART– Only drawing sheet will be provided by the school.