“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”– Kahlil Gibran

The Music Department at Sacred Heart Girls’ High School, established in 1854, is run by the sisters of Good Shepherd and is affiliated to the TRINITY COLLEGE, LONDON. We help every child to develop their emotional quotient, building a strong foundation in musical understanding. Music classes provide them with opportunities to discover their own capabilities through performances It brushes up their latent talent of singing. Sweet, soft melodies soothe the heart and rejuvenates the children that bring a smile on to their lips.


Dance Is An Art Form That Has No Regional Boundaries. Anybody Who Has Willingness, Passion And Interest To Transform Their Vision Into Reality Can Learn And Perform Dance.

Dance is a channel of expression and communication to the audience at large. At every level dancers will learn how to dance with joy, passion and a respect for culture and traditions. Students in all grades will explore the world of dancing by learning various styles, techniques and genres. This will be accomplished through opportunities to learn about the history and context of each style, genre-specific terminology and skills. Viewing the aesthetics of dance enables one to develop dancing skills in each genre. All of these elements culminate into the making of a flawless dancer who perform in multiple venues in their school, surrounding communities and on Tri – state level.

Art & SUPW

Art is an expression of our aesthetic sensibilities and our creativity. The students attend alternate classes of ART and SUPW. Simple materials like ice cream sticks, coloured paper, newspaper, and bangles are transformed into wall hangings, pen stands and photo frames.

Every girl loves jewellery and the students learn to explore this world of fashion by crafting intricate ear-rings through quilling. Bangles and bracelets are made with thread. Paintings with water colours and pencil shading is also taught to the students.

In our school, the students are given lessons on crochet, hand embroidery, knitting, tie-dye, block printing, jewellery making to name a few. Many students nurture this art as a passion and go on to make it a hobby. The work of our students is exhibited every year in an Art Exhibition , whereby the parents and well-wishers are invited to view their ward’s creativity and talent.

Spell Bee

“The pursuit of knowledge is never ending. The day you stop seeking knowledge is the day you stop growing.”

Spell Bee International is just not a Language Development Programme, but an expansion of our intellectual skills and helps redefine our personal potentials. Along with a team of experts, it prepares the students to learn the toughest aspects of English in a simple form. The main focus is on phonetics, inflections, collocations, literary devices, general knowledge and verbal reasoning skills which prove to be essential and helpful for our academic success. There were a number of students who participated in this competition which had 4 levels.

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