Our History​

168 years of excellence



This motto is our coat of arms. Under its standard, we strive to do our best in all fields of life. Sacred Heart Girls’ High School is run by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, the congregation founded by St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, who was gifted with a deep love for humanity and reverenced each person for her uniqueness.

Five sisters fired with love and compassion of the Heart of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, came from France to Bangalore in 1854 and within a few months of their arrival began various works of the Good Shepherd. The primary innovative step was the opening of a Boarding and Day School for Europeans and Anglo-Indians known as Sacred Heart High School. "You have to adapt to all circumstances. Do the best you can, while remembering that, according to the spirit of our calling, we must be everything to everyone." This was her message to her Sisters, to go beyond, to seek to comfort the forsaken. This school embodies this precept of nobility and sensitivity to the needs of each child.

It was well attended from the very beginning. The children were prepared and they appeared for both University and High School Examinations. Formal recognition was granted to it by the then Madras Government on May 10, 1892, and this recognition was confirmed by the Education Department in 1899. It was affiliated to the Madras University as a Second Grade College in 1902.

Till 1956, the School sent students for the Senior Cambridge. Thereafter from 1957 to 1962, the students appeared for the Bangalore European School Certificate Examination. Students were sent for the Anglo-Indian Secondary School Certificate Examination from 1962 to 1969. From 1970 onwards the School followed the I.C.S.E. pattern of Education. The School continues to prepare and send students for the ICSE Examinations with brilliant academic results every year.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd Convent and the staff of Sacred Heart Girls’ High School continue to strive to foster a holistic development of each student in her uniqueness, thereby forming strong characters of high principles grounded in reality. Education according to St. Mary Euphrasia should develop to the fullest, all that is best in the human personality, physically, psychologically, socially, aesthetically and spiritually.

Developing the spirit of learning and sharing with the less fortunate, promoting faith formation through value – oriented education, enabling every person to become an agent for the promotion of justice, of peace and love. Therefore a conscious awareness of a duty is inculcated among the students to preserve our planet and this makes our school a perfect resource centre.

Our school comes under the ambit of the South West Province of the Good Shepherd Congregation

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